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Hi! News reached us in England that you sang the Star Spangled Banner before the Phillies game today, Sunday, July 10th. We fans have a way of knowing where you are…

 Hope you are both well,

 Alan and Sheila R/ England


 This is Erich C…The singer/saxophonist…I was watching the Phils today and saw you sing the National Anthem. So I wanted to say GREAT JOB!!...

 Take care,

 Erich  C. Reading, PA/ July 2005

Hi Maura and Frank,

 I turned on the radio yesterday, trying to get some music, and I did! Heard you sing the Star Spangled Banner, Maura! Wow, that was great!...

 Joan and Walt T./ Stone Harbor, NJ / July 2005


 You were great at the Phillies game yesterday. We hung around the house to watch you. Great voice. The camera did a close up that was really great…

 Thank you,

 Cathy M./ West Chester, Pa./ July 2005

Dear Maura,

I’ve played you CD several times and found it most engaging…your voice comes across as beautiful, clear and often haunting. I thought Deportees and Kilkelly were especially poignant. It’s a great gift and I appreciate your songs…

Yours truly,

Carl L./ Ohio

 Dear Maura,

Thanks for remembering to send your CD as we have really enjoyed it. We were at your show again. We enjoyed it even more the second time!

God Bless,

Pat G./ Oregon

 Dearest Maura,

It was just great to see you perform. You are so very talented and beautiful. Thank you for doing a special song for my cousin, Dorothy. She couldn’t stop talking about you –


Rose D./ New Jersey

 Dearest Maura,

I just had to write and tell you how much I’m enjoying your lovely CD!! It is so comforting and your voice is so beautiful! I love EVERY SINGLE song you wrote.I keep humming, “I Fly” and before I’m done, I’ll have them all memorized. Thank you for being you – so dear and kind and precious.

Nancy F./ Virginia

 Dear Maura,

You gave a wonderful performance. You’re a beautiful woman…you have a wonderful personality – very kind hearted & free spirited…Can’t wait to hear from you.

Best of Love,

Krista E./ New Jersey/(a 12 year old fan)

 Dear Maura,

…God is using you in my life through your music and I am sure he is blessing many others as well…

Love In Him,

Del G./ Texas

 Dear Maura,

…You have a beautiful talent and we have so enjoyed the shows for they are exceptional! But more than that, we found in you , such a warmth and inner beauty…Don’t ever lose your love and understanding of people…May your future be bright and filled with happiness…


Jeane R./ Arkansas

 Dear Maura,

I want to tell you that you are a beautiful, wonderful, dynamic and special lady. We love your positive style…we loved your singing. You also dance very well. It is important that you know how you filled our hearts and heads with wonderful souvenirs. Continue to make people happy around you…

Celine and Sylvain/ Canada


I was with friends this week and they had your “Irish Roots” CD playing. I loved it!

(considering my O’Boyle ancestry and several trips to Ireland) How can I purchase several?

Carolyn D./Wisconsin

 Today, I got the CD “Irish Roots” Maura has a gorgeous voice…All the songs were great…She has such talent…

Suzie/ Pennsylvania


Dear Maura,

…We have a copy of Irish Roots and I do believe you have really hit your vocal stride. I shiver when I hear you sing, “The Town I Loved So Well”…I can feel my Irish blood burning when I listen to your version…

Betty Anne and Gerry M./ Pennsylvania


Kathy and I just wanted to say thank you for an enjoyable night of music. You are truly a great performer…we hope to see you again real soon…

Dave and Kathy W./  New Jersey

 Dear Maura,

You are a  delightful show person,

Aurora/ Texas

 Hi Maura,

I met you (Sunday night at your performance).I really enjoyed watching you perform. You have amazing energy and know how to please a crowd. Do you have a schedule of where you will be performing?

Mary Beth G./  Pennsylvania

 Hi Maura,

It was a treat to listen to you sing every time (4) we were on the Texas Treasure. When I listen to your CDs, over and over, I might add, the songs are very inspirational. “Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day” is magnificent. We would love to hear you play again…

Marv/ Texas

 Dear Maura,

We can’t tell you adequately how much we enjoy listening to your CD. It really is wonderful and we play it all the time. We can’t wait to get the next one!


Joan and Walter T./Wisconsin

Hi Maura,

 We love all your CD's, especially the new one!  You are blessed with a great faith and an innovative, caring way of showing it in your heartfelt songs and singing (and dancing!)style.


Lynda and Jim M.


Hi Maura,

 Just wanted to let you know that the turn around time for your new album “Shamrocks to Stripes” was fantastic…we received it today St patty's day...we loved it…

Take care and we love your new album!

 Warm Regards,
Colleen T.


Dear Maura,

Your CD, “Shamrocks To Stripes” is certainly a four star effort. I like the way you finished it off with the “Star Spangled Banner” - - a real nice touch! I am listening to it now - -really good.

You are wonderful.

Love, Dick and Colleen




....with Reverend Dave Bailey & his wife, Eileen Bailey


....with Impressionist, Frank Gorshin



....with Cozy Morley, President Judge Joseph Doyle & his wife, Betty Jane Doyle



....with Paddy Clancy of The Clancy Brothers


“We told all of Livvie’s therapists at Easter Seals how you danced with her in her chair and how much she recognized, “I Hope You Dance” as “her song” as soon as it began.”





...with the Patti Lattanzi and the Gang Show on Groovin' 92.1


Maura sings for the Philadelphia Phantoms






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