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Inspirational Roots...





This collection includes wonderful interpretations of patriotic and spiritual standards to exciting and contemporary original songs meant to inspire and encourage listeners.


Maura McKinney Mastro's "Inspirational Roots" gives us songs to span a life and search a soul.
Here are her own compositions; "Is There a Hero in Your Heart," written after 9/11 to the standards written by others and waiting for her rendition; "How Great Thou Art." Maura's "You Were My teacher and My Friend," a tender tribute to her late parents, Big Band singer Doris Kavanaugh McKinney and internationally known journalist Jack McKinney, is also a loving farewell to friends gone on. Her lilting, octave-leaping strains on "Scarlet Ribbons," "America the Beautiful," and "Five Hundred Miles Away From Home," transcend them to the level of melodic prayers. This CD follows the critical and commercial success of her last release, "Irish Roots," also produced by Clady Records.
"Inspirational Roots" is a collection that speaks to love, "The Way Love Goes," and love lost, "Baby," and to faith, "Amazing Grace," and faith found, "My Lord Made Me New." Whether sung with a bounce or the blues, Maura's vocals transport you to places traveled and places dreamed, while leaning on the arm of the Lord. Maura always brings the audience to an intimacy with her songs whether performing in a cabaret, ballpark, cruise ship or any stage. This time she brings you back to the roots of your beliefs. These are songs of life and reflect her belief that, "There are always sad stories in life, but with the Lord, never sad endings.

Jim Nicholson/Former Columnist/Philadelphia Daily News

 The Irish Festival in North Wildwood is still two months away, but a Wildwood singer has returned to her home base to begin local Irish performances that will stretch right into the heart of the festival…Maura recently recorded another CD called “Inspirational Roots”. It includes 22 songs. Most of them were written by her. A few classic favorites and some are narrated by her husband, who also joins her in a duet reprise of the song, “Back To Life” written by Maura to encourage those struggling to overcome adversity…

Jacob Schaad JR./Free Time/New Jersey


Dear Maura,

…God is using you in my life through your music and I am sure He is blessing many others as well…Love In Him,

Del Garippa/ Texas

 A Real Natural!, March 25, 2004
Reviewer: Helen Neuhoff from Nashville ,TN
Maura Mastro is an incredibly talented singer with a wide range. Both "Irish Roots" and "Inspirational Roots" complete the music craving we all have!
Please make more music Maura.
HM Neuhoff/Nashville TN

 Hi Maura,

It was a treat to listen to you sing every time (4) we were on the Texas Treasure. When I listen to your CDs, over and over, I might add, the songs are very inspirational. “Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day” is magnificent. We would love to hear you play again…

Marv (A Fan!)/ Texas


Thank you very much for the CDs.(“Irish Roots” and “Inspirational Roots”) I did receive them and I enjoyed them immensely…Take care,

Peter Jones/ Songwriter/ “Kilkelly”

 Dear Maura,

Words can’t express how grateful I am for all your support during my dad’s illness…Your CD, “Inspirational Roots”, sustained me. I cried, I laughed, I prayed. You are truly an angel, Maura, God Bless you for your beauty and guidance…

Melinda McG./Pennsylvania


Dear Maura,

How very dear of you to send the beautiful gift of “Inspirational Roots”…it is really wonderful to hear your voice and the beautiful songs. I will treasure this gift. It arrived on a day when I was feeling low, so it brightened my day…May the good Lord protect you and keep you safe,

Kathy Clifton/France

 Dear Maura,

Thank you for the CD.  Just got it today, and it is terrific.  Also, wanted to let you know that your Inspirational CD that I got at Irish weekend, I gave to a friend who was going  thru some bad times, and it was enjoyed by them as much as I enjoyed it.  You have to let me know where and when you are performing.  Would love seeing you live again…

Maureen Montgomery/Philadelphia,PA

 Dear Frank and Maura,

Thanks for the beautiful CD. I have enjoyed listening to it as I ride in my automobile. I am hoping to be able to use a couple of excerpts for our radio broadcast on WIBG…

With love and prayers,

Dave Bailey Sr./Ranch Hope



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