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Irish Roots...

Album Description....
Irish Roots is a compilation of beautiful Irish Ballads recorded with a contemporary flavor and performed with clarity, emotion and beauty. Most of the songs are sad and the selections were meant to tug at the heart. There is an upbeat,
Nashville style love song to lift your mood as well!
It and two other touching songs (Daddy's Song and You're A Lady) are samples of Maura's songwriting. They are included as tributes to her mother and father...her Irish Roots! 100%.




Maura McKinney Mastro's "Irish Roots" represents a labor of love, which will also serve as an introduction to a wider audience for this abundantly gifted performer. From the intimacy of small cabarets to the glamour of showrooms to the wide open spaces of major league ballparks & sports arenas, audiences have delighted in Maura's soaring vocal range and her moving interpretations of old standards, contemporary popular music, songs of inspiration, country, rock and folk tunes; as well as her own melodic compostions.

Inheriting her octave-leaping voice and stage charisma from her mother, big band & show singer Doris Kavanaugh McKinney, and her passion and creativity from her dad, award -winning journalist and "Renaissance man" Jack McKinney, Maura stands poised and ready for national exposure with "Irish Roots".

This CD began as an affectionate tribute to Ireland's Kathleen Largey Thompson. Maura's moving and highly personal rendition of "Kilkelly is the emotional centerpiece of this project. "Tom Williams" was recorded to coincide with the re-interment of Williams' body in Milltown cemetery in Belfast. His remains had lain in an unmarked grave in a Belfast prison yard since 1941. Scottish favorite "Lang A Growing" performed with Maura's husband Frank Mastro, is singular in the purity of it's traditional presentation. "Daddy's Somg" and "You're A Lady" are loving tributes written for her parents, and "Great Full Moon" is an upbeat country-style rouser showcasing both her songwriting talent and that special voice. Meet Maura!

Clady Records Management/New Jersey

Don't wait !, January 12, 2001
Reviewer: Martha Haley from Philadelphia, PA USA
WOW! You don't need to be Irish to be dazzled by the power, subtlety and emotion in this spectacular voice. It HELPS to be Irish to appreciate the respectful rendition of "Tom Williams" and the heartbreak in "Kilkelly" although leaving home, never to return, is a universal experience not limited to Ireland's exiles. This is an impressive first effort and should receive the broader attention it deserves. Maura McKinney Mastro has the vocal range and sensitivity to sing anything!

Martha Haley/Philadelphia, PA

"Maura's voice comes across as beautiful, clear, and often haunting…"
Carl Lindblom/Musician and Poet/PA

Maura McKinney can sing. This is a very, very good CD. (Irish Roots) Very good production. She is not the traditional Irish Soprano. She is the American, get- down –and- dirty, belt out the Irish American songs in a full lower register. The lead singer for Celtic Thunder has a similar style…

Tom Jones / Rowan Proffessor/ Celtophile

 A Real Natural!, March 25, 2004
Reviewer: Helen Neuhoff from Nashville ,TN
Maura Mastro is an incredibly talented singer with a wide range. Both "Irish Roots" and "Inspirational Roots" complete the music craving we all have!
Please make more music Maura.

HM Neuhoff/Nashville TN



The singer with a soul in her voice!, March 25, 2004
Reviewer: alansheila2 from sutton coldfield, west midlands United Kingdom
A must buy for all lovers of music with Irish roots. Here the talented Maura McKinney Mastro sings with passion. A girl who can draw on her own experience of Irish life, gives some powerful performances. With the help of husband Frank, this CD is quality from the first note, and is a great addition to anyones collection.

”AlanSheila2”/Sutton Coldfield/West Midlands/United Kingdom

 Dear Maura,

I was very impressed with your beautiful voice and singing style…I especially enjoyed the Irish songs…your rendition of  Deportees is hauntingly beautiful…I have heard many versions of Kilkelly but yours is special…the song stirs emotions in me…

Bob Lydon/ Journalist/Del. Co. Times, Phila.Daily News, Irish American

 Dear Maura,

…Your singing is So Good! Your choice of songs was outstanding, with “Hard Times “ as my favorite. I like the way you  s  l  i  d  e into the words…Grant’s production is superb…a perfect mix…

Emmet Robinson/ Kingstreet Recording


Thank you very much for the CDs.(“Irish Roots” and “Inspirational Roots”) I did receive them and I enjoyed them immensely…Take care,

Peter Jones/ Songwriter/ “Kilkelly”

Dear Maura,

So much to say to you. Your Irish Roots project is amazing. What a gift you have and what a gift you share with us…

Kevin Gunn/  Friend and / WMMR Producer


Dear Maura,

I’ve played you CD several times and found it most engaging…your voice comes across as beautiful, clear and often haunting. I thought Deportees and Kilkelly were especially poignant. It’s a great gift and I appreciate your songs…

Yours truly,

Carl Lindblom/ Ohio

Dear Maura,

Thanks for remembering to send your CD as we have really enjoyed it. We were at your show again. We enjoyed it even more the second time!

God Bless,

Pat Gunthrie/ Oregon


We are now back in England but we just wanted to say how much we loved the show and how much we enjoyed your CD.

Alan and Sheila/ United Kingdom

 Dear Maura,

…We have a copy of Irish Roots and I do believe you have really hit your vocal stride. I shiver when I hear you sing, “The Town I Loved So Well”…I can feel my Irish blood burning when I listen to your version…

Betty Anne and Gerry McGrory/ Pennsylvania

 Dear Maura,

We can’t tell you adequately how much we enjoy listening to your CD. It really is wonderful and we play it all the time. We can’t wait to get the next one!


Joan and Walter Trattner/Wisconsin



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