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Maura's Latest Release!

Maura McKinney Mastro's newest Clady Records release, "Shamrocks To Stripes" is an exciting & contemporary collection of original Celtic, Country, Gospel and Patriotic songs plus 2 standards - "Danny Boy" and "The Star Spangled banner" _ (with captivating vocal accent on familiar lyrics not heard until now) and this fabulous 16 song CD tells a story of faith, family, patriotism and passion in the strength and charm of Maura's lilting and far ranging vocal talent!





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Maura McKinney Mastro displays considerable maturity and pep in front of classy pop-country sessioners.  Enthusiasm for this product is deserved because this is a quality collection parading a girl who has paid her dues. This is an engagingly classic Irish-American pop-country enterprise if ever I heard one! New Jersey's MMM says that she is thrilled when people leave her performances uplifted and inspired. Cheerful, optimistic and compassionate, she says that her music is ministry - writing from the heart, songs of hope-and-faith. Superbly rich in sentimental zeal, this efficient suite of 15 tracks is a reminder of MMM’s skill and controlled passion on secular and religious repertoire. Let’s hope that she gains a solid foothold in Europe as well as in the New World. She pursues a spirited Irish gal' style that could give some of her Irish cousins a good run for their money.

PAUL DAVIS www.pauldavisauthor.com  www.newchristianmusic.co.uk www.ncmradioshow.com www.ukcma.org


Hi Maura,

 We love all your CD's, especially the new one!  You are blessed with a great faith and an innovative, caring way of showing it in your heartfelt songs and singing (and dancing!)style.


Lynda and Jim M.


Hi Maura,

 Just wanted to let you know that the turn around time for your new album “Shamrocks to Stripes” was fantastic…we received it today St patty's day...we loved it…

Take care and we love your new album!

 Warm Regards,
Colleen T.


Dear Maura,

Your CD, “Shamrocks To Stripes” is certainly a four star effort. I like the way you finished it off with the “Star Spangled Banner” - - a real nice touch! I am listening to it now - -really good.

You are wonderful.

Love, Dick and Colleen







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